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Jennifer Triplett

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Favorite comment by my child: “Just if they could make candy a vegetable, I’d be better off.” That’s the kind of outside the box thinking I love!

Every year when I make an attempt to clean out my closet, I come across the same box. A large, worn down one, filled with pastels, printing blocks, oil paintings, watercolors, photography, and cassette tapes. I just don’t have the heart to get rid of it. Some projects are from when I attended an Honors program at Rhode Island School of Design during high school. Other projects include exhibit pieces and photo work from college. Friendly competitive spirit keeps my creativity flowing. In college, I was fortunate to be rooming with very talented artists. While the “cool group” was out, we would be at our drafting tables coming up with the most unique and eye-catching designs.

Just out of high school, I earned a check and free pizza for life when I painted a mural for a college restaurant at the University of Maryland. However, my first real job was in 1991 after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. As a Technical Illustrator, I became groomed for my career at one of the oldest and largest engineering firms. Along with my marketing managers, we were able to provide internal and external clients top notch stuff while staying within Scope and Budget. My design position quickly grew into a fun, challenging, and rewarding career. Project Management training (2 years of it) enabled me to write Proposals, Scopes of Work/Storyboards, and Budgets for our outreach efforts in Kiosks, Interactive CDVideo/Animation CDs, Video Productions, Trade Show Development, Intranet Feasibility, Brochures, and more relevant application development with interface design/programming.

Throughout my career I often finding myself Thinking Outside of the Box to come up with the best solution that takes into consideration budget, scope, feasibility and viability. So maybe my son is onto something. Perhaps he will discover Vegetable Candy.

You can visit my creative side at An Artist’s Eye (WordPress art blog).

Jennifer Triplett, (you can call me Jenn), owner treebranchDESIGN LLC