Website Design

Why perform brain surgery when you don’t have to?

TreebranchDESIGN can plan, design, build, and maintain your new website so you don’t have to feel like you are going into brain surgery (unless you’re a brain surgeon). We also offer hosting that you own 100% just like the big guys, but we are local and can actual sit down and guide you to the right products. Whether you want to build the site on your own or have us design it we can help set everything up including email and SSL certificates (often the cause of frustration amount the general public). Our training is one-on-one so that you fully grasp the tasks and concepts you need to understand. Making the move to provide clients with internet services to complement their website design has enabled us to continue our mission of supporting our clients the whole way. For our DIY clients, long after your site is live, the website management can be easily handed over temporarily. TreebranchDESIGN gives all of our clients the peace of mind to take a vacation or deal with unexpected events. Who wants to bring their laptop or tablet out to the beach, or onto a remote mountain top? We can keep tabs on you plugin updates or any security breaches while you’re away so you can relax and enjoy your time off. When your business booms from all of the great exposure you are getting, we can step in and help out. Technology is changing every moment, even as you are reading this text, rest assured that treebranchDESIGN can help you grow with it. Help is a phone call away. Come check out our hosting website. Don’t see something you need? It’s likely available, so give us a call. You will see our 24/7 phone number at, for you late owls, early birds, or weekend workers.

I am thrilled with the work that treebranchDESIGN did with my website, blog and email blasts.  Working with Jennifer was a real treat, as she is very patient with my lack of knowledge and walks me through all of the instruction unjudgementally.  Her expertise in this field is paralled with her gentle nature and attention to detail. I simply cannot recommend her services enough. Victoria Stagmer, Owner, Victoria’s Fancy Foods Victoria Stagmer

Owner, Victoria's Fancy Foods


IDEAL FOR NEW BUSINESSES OR SIMPLICITY. This is a simple to us out of the box solution. It is an inexpensive choice if you just need a website to get going with a few pages. You have a large selection of business themes which we will help set up. Our mission here is to put in place a maintenance free website that you can make simple text changes. There is much hard core customization available in this option, but it is great if you are just getting started or are not interested ion Word Press Blogging or Social Engagement Optimization.


BETTER VISIBILITY AND MORE CREATIVITY starts here. Need a more interactive website that has people following your products and even making comments? WordPress offers a more sophisticated solution. It can be as complex or as simple as you want it. With one button within your hosting account you can safely update your site. WordPress sites give you a little more creative freedom. We can custom design your template for you and put in place all of the features you need. With WordPress you can integrate shopping directly into your site with plugins. Be aware, WordPress will require regular maintenance. It is imperative that PlugIns are kept up-to-date and that you only install them from reliable sources.