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Jennifer Triplett

Jennifer Triplett

Jennifer Triplett

25+ years in Design. B.A. in Illustration & Advertising. Jenn is an avid photography, illustrator, and nature lover. "My passion is creating crisp clean designs that are on target to our client's message and brand." - Jenn

President-Creative Director


Denise Hightower

Jennifer Triplett

Jennifer Triplett

25+ years in IT. B.S. Management Information Systems. Denise is a nature lover, photographer, and creative writer. She is passionate about detail and is an excellent storyteller.

Director of Grammar and Writing


Nelsa Nichols

Jennifer Triplett

Nelsa Nichols

25+ years in marketing. B.S. Education & English. Nelsa is not only a nature lover but the mom of Jenn. She generates ideas for better visual and content marketing.

Marketing Content and Sounding Board