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We provide local clients with website design, social media, event campaigns, online fundraisers, photography, and internet products offering training, management, and maintenance. We help clients get noticed through online and community campaigns.

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Design Matters. Stand Out.

TreebranchDESIGN or Tree Branch Design, is a creative minded hosting and website design company located in the Baltimore Annapolis Area, owned and operated by Jennifer Triplett, B.A. and Janet Roessler, B.S.  The root of our company is design. We live, eat, and breathe design. Design is more than illustration a visual concept, it is about developing a plan and executing the branding across the board.We capitalize on Social Media, Events, Press, and Internet Visibility to help you build your community & mobilize your customer base. We offer business solutions that convey your style, your fit, and your control. Stand out. Be different. Be visually remembered. Leave your unique, digital footprint through website design, social media, print, photography, illustration, video, and live event broadcasting.

TreebranchDESIGN connects you with the tools, training, and support you need online or offline to complete your overall marketing plan. We provide a full range of creative marketing solutions.

Own It

Website and Maintenance

Creative personalized website development, with complete hosting and maintenance packages.

Your website is the main online entrance to your business. It is the primary location that any potential customer or contact will initially go to learn more about your company. Accurately representing your organization is of primary importance. We have the creative skills and vision to reflect your brand. In addition, treebranchDESIGN offers a full range of internet marketing tools, hosting products, online storage that you can purchase and own. We don’t just build websites, we collaborate with you to help realize your vision. Through our hosting division, you own the hosting and the domain 100%. Our maintenance packages offer updates to content, plug-ins, and spam control.

Get Social

Social Media Management

We specialize in creative campaigns, engagement with your audience, and social media support.

We help build your community. Social Media changes every day. As a businessperson your job is to stay on top of your field, not to keep track of Social Media trends. Determining the, “When, Where, How,” of representing your brand is part of our expertise. Beyond the trends, Social Media is about sharing, building relationships, and providing a feeling of trust with your audience. Consistency, appropriate content, regular monitoring, and engagement are essential. TreebranchDESIGN can help choose, set up pages, and design all elements to be consistent with your brand. We can even be social for you; providing different levels of management options.

Stylize it+

Everything Else

Tools and services that treebranchDESIGN offers to support and enhance all of your marketing campaigns.

We are driven by creativity and often coffee, but mostly the feel-good moment when we have delivered affordable solutions for your marketing needs. We are artists and computer geeks. Our fresh, new ways to see things can give you, your organization, product, project or company an edge over your competition in your social media, website, print advertising or video productions. With the skills and resources of treebranchDESIGN on your team, visibility through internet and traditional marketing will bring you more connection to your community and target audience. We use a splash of ingenuity, and ,”Artist’s Eye,” to give you that extra boost. treebranchDESIGN owners Janet Roessler, B.S and Jennifer Triplett, B.A.  and the dream team are your guides to a stronger, more creative approach to marketing and DESIGN.




All artwork, including photography, on this site has been originally conceptualized, illustrated, and captured by Jenn Triplet and Janet Roessler, owners of treebranchDESIGN LLC. Please do not duplicate or reproduce our artwork or photography without our permission. treebranchdesign.com copyright protected 2016